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  • Kuşadası GoTürkiye

    Kuşadası history which dates back to 3000 BCE has been home to numerous civilizations. It is one of Türkiye's most important tourism centres due to its coastal location and its culture.

    Kuşadası – where blue skies melt into the Aegean Sea and where stunning sunsets are a daily occurrence – features sun, Blue Flag beaches, history, culture and a national park, as well as an important harbour. The city’s proximity to the ancient city of Ephesus, along with its marina, thermal facilities, and local cuisine, make it attractive for all types of tourism.  

    The topographic structure of Kuşadası includes mountainous areas and flatlands. The flatlands were generally used as agricultural areas in the past, while beautiful villages were established in the mountains.

    Kuşadası’s proximity to prominent ancient cities such as Ephesus, Milet, Priene, Didyma, Aphrodisias, Tralles, Nysa, Alabanda, Alinda, Gerga and Harpasa made it an important location in the past: today, it is a unique setting where visitors can enjoy sea, sand and sun along with culture.