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    The Scent of Olive Trees

    In Kuşadası, the salty scent of the sea and the fragrance of olive trees permeate the air. When visiting this olive paradise, it is almost mandatory to observe the olive harvest and go to an olive oil factory. Of course, sampling the freshly pressed olive oils – and then purchasing a few to bring home – is a highly enjoyable aspect. If the aroma beckons you, definitely visit Aydın Kuşadası.

    Peach Gardens

    If you happen to be in Davutlar, especially in the early spring months, the fragrance of the flowering peach trees, appearing as if a sea of pink blossoms, will be an indelible memory.

    Kirazlı Village

    In Kirazlı village, the cherry blossoms offer a respite from urban living, with their fragrance and beauty. In Çınar village, sample the wine treats made by locals from the grapes grown in and around the village.